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Feel free to message us below with questions or schedule a free 15 minute initial consultation to discuss your scholarship or student loan related needs prior to booking a consultation or signing up for a workshop.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Free Money Meister mean?

Meister means a person expert in or renowned for. We are experts in getting free money to pay for collegiate education. When referring to free money we mean money for college or for student loans that you do not have to pay back. Scholarships, grants, certain fellowships, and student loan paydowns are all considered forms of Free Money.

What are your services?

Our company provides workshops, consultations, speaking engagements, and custom events tailored to our clients. On our website you can sign-up for the latest workshop that we are offering the public, a Scholarship Eligibility & Resources Consultation, or a Student Loan Minimization Consultation. For speaking engagements and custom events please email admin@freemoneymeister.com

Why are you qualified to provide this information?

At Free Money Meister, our consultants and instructors are experts in getting scholarships and have done so with funding their own education. All of our experts have left college with minimal amounts of student loan debt or have left college with multiple degrees and no student loan debt at all - with their degrees paid for through scholarships, grants, fellowships, student loan paydowns, and more!

What is provided in the Scholarship Eligibility & Resources Consultation?

A Scholarship Questionnaire must be completed for this appointment. During this appointment the client will be provided with how to search for scholarships, specific scholarships (1-10) selected by the expert for the client, and student loan minimization guidance Client will be provided with one month, starting the date of the scheduled appointment, of scholarship application reviews via email, any questions via email, and three 15 min follow-up consultations if needed starting the date of the scheduled appointment.

What is provided in the Student Loan Minimization Consultation?

A Student Loan Questionnaire must be completed for this appointment. During this appointment the expert will provide the client with Payment Strategies for Student Loan Debt Repayment & Minimization, Federal/State Student Loan Tax Credits & Deductions, and Student Loan Forgiveness Programs that may be open (not all applicants will be eligible for a student loan forgiveness program or the programs may be closed at the time of the appointment). Client will be provided with one month, starting the date of the scheduled appointment, of questions via email and two 15 min follow-up consultations if needed.

What is provided in the College Readiness Scholarship Workshop?

The College Readiness Scholarship Workshops are a series of four workshops tailored to high school students (all grades) that provide valuable knowledge related to the topics mentioned below. These topics are presented by our expert instructors in presentation format with questions and exercises built into the workshops. Optional prework and homework will be provided.

  • Understand Key Terms Related to the Scholarship & Student Loan Process
  • Learn Statistics Related to Financing College & How Student Loan Debt Occurs
  • Walkthrough the Scholarship Seeking Process & How to Improve Your Eligibility
  • Review Sample FASFA & Financial Aid Package
  • Examine Scholarship Types and Scholarship Databases
  • Discuss What Scholarship Committees are Looking For: Recommendation Letters, Essay Templates, Folder Structure.
  • Review Our Student Loan Minimization Strategy
  • …and much more!

Pricing is per client:

    • Scholarship Eligibility & Resources Consultation
    • Student Loan Minimization Consultation
    • Custom Pricing, submit a request in the message box below or email admin@freemoneymeister.com and someone will reach out to you.

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